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What is CIS? 


CIS brings hands in need together with hands that can help. CIS is a process that connects community resources with students and their families at schools and other community sites to ensure that youth stay in school, learn needed skills, and are prepared to enter the world of work or post secondary education upon graduation.

Why do we need CIS? 


     Too many young people are failing in our public schools today, and consequently, leave school without the skills needed to succeed in life. During the 2010-2011 school year, 15,000+ students (3.43%) dropped out of North Carolina's public schools. Schools alone cannot solve the complex and diverse problems faced by today's youth.

Does CIS work? YES! 


     IFC International recently released their CIS National Evaluation that stated: "Among similar research-based dropout prevention organizations, Communities In Schools Model is one of a very few in the United States proven to keep students in school and is the only dropout prevention program in the nation proven to increase graduation rates."

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